Celebrating a Legacy

A living legacy is a way to capture life stories, lessons, sentiments, memories, and traditions. Legacies convey what we want remaining generations to know and understand about our life experiences. They help us to remember, honor, grieve and heal as we carry on and recognize our loved one and perhaps continue essential traditions.

Our care team can help you express your loved one’s legacy from the bedside or even from afar. Here are just a few ways you could express yourself:

Celebrating a Legacy

Looking toward future events may not be easy but knowing that your loved ones have a piece of you is an everlasting gift. Our Lifesong Milestone Notes Program helps you create and write cards for your loved ones’ future events like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and weddings. This gives your family the opportunity to have your wishes be forever treasured.

Telling your story is not the same unless it comes from you. Let us help you record your life journey or transcribe your words. We can video record your thoughts, messages, and memories to be a living remembrance. Lifesong can convert pictures to a digital format or VHS to digital.

Lifesong social workers and our touch-certified nurse assistants can work with you to create a music timeline to highlight your favorite music, assist you in songwriting, or record your voice to be passed on. We can help to produce quality musical expression no matter the level of your artistic ability.

Lifesong can help compile photos, favorite quotes, and music that can become digital.

Whether it is organizing them chronologically or creating a keepsake for loved ones, let the Lifesong team help tell your story through photos.

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